Child Abuse Prevention Service

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If you know that a child is being abused, you see signs of abuse or if you are being abused yourself it is vital that you make a report to the relevant department. It is possible that you may be the child’s only hope, so don’t delay.

Your report could provide investigators with the very information they need to make a case, and even save the child’s life. Your details remain confidential when you are reporting and are not disclosed to those who are being investigated

Not every report will trigger a full investigation so it’s best to put in a report to the department for each incident you witness or are aware of, and ensure you provide as much accurate detail as you can. If possible, keep a written record of incidents or signs of abuse. Encourage other people who are aware of the abuse to make reports as well. If you feel that your report is not being heard you can make a complaint within the department, contact your state ombudsman, or notify your local MP.

You will find the reporting line for your state, below.

If you’d like some help or need more information please call CAPS on              02 9716 8000 for telephone counselling ($30 donation requested per call)


Department of Family and Community Services  Public 13 21 11
Mandatory 13 36 27

Department of Child Safety Office Hours Out of Hours
  Brisbane 07 3224 8045 07 3235-9999
  Country QLD 1800 811 810 1800 177 135
  Out of state 07 3224 8045 07 3235 9999

Children, Youth & Family
Public 1300 556 729
Mandatory 1300 556 728
After hours(02) 6207 0720

Families SA Report line 13 14 78

Department of Health and
Human Services
1300 737 639
03 6230 7650

Department of Human
1800 020 202
After Hours 131 278

Department for Communities
and Department for
Child Protection
1800 622 258
08 9222 2555

Department of Health and Community Services 1800 700 250
08 8922 7111