When someone involves a child in a sexual activity by using their power over them or taking advantage of their trust.

Child Indicators

  • Difficulty in walking or sitting
  • Torn, stained or bloody underclothing
  • Pain or itching in genital area
  • Bruises or bleeding in external genitalia
  • Venereal disease (especially in pre-teens)
  • Pregnancy
  • Foreign matter in bladder, rectum or urethra
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Aggressive, overt sexual behaviour
  • Drawing pictures of people with genitals
  • Cruelty to animals without physiological basis
  • Pre-mature knowledge of explicit sexual acts
  • Sleep disorders
  • Taking frequent baths
  • Starting fires
  • Poor peer relationships
  • Wary of physical contact, especially with an adult

Carer Indicators

  • Very protective or jealous of child
  • Extremely protective of family privacy
  • Encourages child to engage in prostitution
  • Substance abuser
  • Is geographically isolated
  • Lacks social/emotional contacts outside the family
  • Has low self-esteem