New era caps have a unique way of representing their team and player. They are the only type of competitive hat that can be worn on head not just for fashion but also to represent your favorite sports teams.

For more than 90 years, they were staple of every baseball game. Today, they’ve become one of the most popular hats in America.


A new era hat is truly an American icon. It has evolved over the years to take on many different forms, but its simple yet complex design never fails to capture attention – whether you’re wearing it or just looking at it.

New Era Caps are manufactured by New York, which was founded in 1920 by long-time sports lover and entrepreneur, Ehrhardt Koch. The company was named after his favorite baseball team at the time – New York Giants.

Koch started off by selling hand-sewn caps to local stores in lower Manhattan area. Soon, he came up with a crucial idea that transformed the entire industry of headwear production – he assumed that everyone who wears hats has a head that is shaped very similarly. So instead of producing caps for specific brands, he started creating fitted hats from scratch – also known as All-American Standard.

Ehrhardt Koch was a genius in his own right, but the company suffered a severe loss after his death. The business struggled and almost took a toll in 1978 when it was bought by a private investor.

However, the right decisions in the end paid off. By 1989, New Era Caps became an official partner of MLB and started providing headwear products to teams from all across North America.

Today, there is no baseball fan who doesn’t recognize that trademark logo with eight white stitches on a royal blue cap.


For a long time, New Era Caps have been part of the sports culture. Today, they continue to represent different teams and players at all levels of competition. They can be bought in many retail stores around the world, but for a truly unique experience, get them from an authorized retailer or directly from the official website!

tips to buy new era hats

The best place to buy new era hats is through the official website in australia. They are relatively affordable and feature a wide variety of styles. You can get them in classic form or order fitted caps for more tailored look.

There are many wholesale dealers that offer original New Era Australia Caps, but it’s always better to either go with the manufacturer itself or reputable dealers. Of course, there may be some imitation products available at very low cost, but that’s not something you want to risk for.