Some business owners and entrepreneurs might already know that a virtual office is an affordable alternative to brick and mortar offices. Yet, if they are not familiar with this type of working environment, they might believe that all virtual offices are identical. But the main difference between virtual office providers lies in the types of services they offer. 


First of all, any freelancer and new business owner must know that virtual office services are a range of services that a physical office can offer as well. The main difference between them is that virtual office services can be accessed in “virtual form” from anywhere, as long as the managers and employees of a company have Internet access. Furthermore, virtual office services involve lower costs in comparison with conventional office services.

5+1 Types Of Virtual Office Services And How They Can Help A Business


  1. Virtual address


Although virtual offices can vary according to the type and the quality of the services they offer,  all of them must provide a business with a virtual address. A virtual address can be used as a business address without actually having a physical office in a specific place (meaning that a business owner can work from home while customers, clients, and suppliers believe that the business operates from a prestigious location in the heart of the city). A virtual address (unlike a simple home address) will make any business look more professional and larger.


      2.Post handling and mail forwarding

This service allows any physical mail sent to a company’s address (eg, virtual address) to be forwarded and arrive at a specified address. The virtual office provider ensures all packages, letters, and faxes get where they need to be – no matter which city or state a business owner may be travelling through. With this type of service, there is little risk of important mail and parcels becoming lost or arriving at a previous business address. Some virtual office providers allow businesses to have a physical secure business mailbox on their premises with a unique PIN code for the business owner to access their mail 24/7 (instead of needing to enter the premises between 9-5 Monday to Friday). Also, most providers will send an email notification immediately after the arrival of the mail or parcels. 


      3.Meeting rooms

Some virtual office providers allow business owners to access meeting rooms, in case they have to settle an in-person meeting with a customer or supplier. Most virtual offices provide meeting rooms that can be accessed from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Other virtual office providers (that ensure high-quality virtual office services) offer designed spaces that can be booked online and access 24/7. The rentable meeting rooms are important for business growth and reputation as they can allow a business owner to organise face to face meetings with clients and suppliers in a professional environment.


      4.Keyless entry 24/7 

Some virtual office providers that offer high-quality services allow business owners to access the office building 24/7. This service can be extremely useful as it can grant entrepreneurs and business owners a more flexible schedule. Therefore, instead of being limited by the 9 to 5 conventional working hours, they are free to decide when to meet a client and when to access their secure business mailbox. 


      5.Virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist is a call answering service that some virtual offices provide. In a few words, a virtual receptionist is an agent who works off-site in the same way as a conventional receptionist (he or she is responsible for handling phone calls, scheduling appointments, taking messages, answering FAQs, etc.). This service allows small business owners to focus more on important business matters rather than answering all phone calls. At the same time, a high-quality virtual receptionist service can strengthen a company’s reputation and improve customer satisfaction and retention.


      6.Landline phone number 

This service provides business owners with a local number that can bring many benefits for a company. With this service, startups and small businesses can create the impression they operate in a specific area, but without renting a physical space or hiring someone to answer phone calls. Therefore, no business owner or entrepreneur will have to provide to clients, customers, and suppliers a personal home number. 


To sum up, virtual office services are services offered by virtual office providers to business owners who can enjoy all the benefits of a brick and mortar office without actually renting or buying one. Thanks to these services, They can improve considerably the image of their business, build trust, and create a stronger relationship with customers.